Beaded Cowrie Shell Choker & Anklet

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Cowrie Shell Beaded Choker & Anklet
Beach Wedding Boho Jewelry

Eclectic ethnic, tribal-inspired boho chic jewelry, crocheted, handcrafted in Queens, NY.
*I made a few shell & hemp jewelry for an island photoshoot - see all the new posts soon!
Right now I don't have shows and festivals, I have a little time to make these.

Listed here;

Choker with adjustable ties. It is 13½" long with 8" long ties.
There are 14 shells & 183 beads on this!

Anklet with a loop-knob closure- measuring 10¾", with 11 shells $ 142 beads!!!
Both pieces are 1" wide.

Please CONTACT me for a custom piece!

These are my original designs, inspired by ethnic jewelry.

They are crocheted with hemp cord, the cut Cowrie shells & the small glass beads are hand-stitched one by one. Not only do they take a LOT of time, but they also hurt my hands with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I'll be also adding a bracelet to this design soon!

Your order will take 3-5 business days to make!