Colorful Tie Dye Bath Towels

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Tie-Dye Towel, 28" X 52"
Large cotton terry bath towel

This is a new adventure for me;
A customer asked me to make some large towels for her.
I got a few pieces, here is one of them I dyed up.
I'm OPEN TO GET DIFFERENT SIZES & custom dyeing them in other color combinations!
Just send me a message at, or TEXT to 917.373.6528!

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The material is not thin, but also not heavy - think of a towel at your average hotel! This size weighs almost a pound - plus shipping material.

100% cotton terry towel
Finished size;
28" X 52"

Machine Wash & Dry

Each piece is hand-dyed individually! Although we use the same fabric dyes, the result is always unique and one of a kind!