Pretty Earthy Tie Dye Kaftan

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Color Combo Name: DFIRT black-brown

This style has a piece of elastic across the front & back and is best for somebody who is 5' or taller.
This style comes in one size, do consider your height when you order, although it can be tied up on the side to make it shorter!

My beautiful model is a size L/XL, 5'5" tall.

It is 34½" across the hips between the stitching - there are 3 more inches of fabric on each side.
My recommendation is up to a 60" hip, this would leave a bit of a wiggle room!
Length: 5"-51"

100% rayon                                                                                                                Machine wash and dry.

Each piece is hand-dyed individually! Although we use the same fabric dyes, the result is always unique and one of a kind!

Every order is custom-made and will take 3-5 workdays to complete!