Puka & Beige-Cream Shells Boho Bracelet

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Boho Shell Bracelet
Beige-Cream & Puka Shell beads worked on Nylon Thread, Crocheted, and Finished off with a large Shell Fragment & a Loop. This Bracelet can be adjusted by pulling the loop over one more small Puka Shell Bead.

Measures - Closed: 7½"-7½". - I have an average lady's wrist - 6½", looping it over the second shell is the best for me. There is still room. I will add photos.

The Nylon thread makes it OK in water/shower.

I can make similar bracelets, and anklets, but right now I don't have any other fragmented shells to add as closure. (This one here I just collected on the beach, while vacationing, so it's special to me.)

Don't hesitate to contact me for a custom piece!