Rustic Shells & Coral Fragment Necklace

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Rustic Necklace Made with Sea Shell Fragments

(I'll replace these photos with better ones soon!)

These shell pieces have been all collected by me on my last vacation, so they are very special to me. I brought home almost 4 lbs of shell and coral pieces, and luckily, some had holes already!

I arranged these shells with a coral chunk in the center and crocheted all of them on a hemp cord. I also added some real bone beads to the chain part & tie ends.

This necklace can be worn short, as a choker, or long. It also looks great with other necklaces!
See the last photo.

Please contact me for a custom piece!
If & when this here is sold (either online, or at my craft shows & festivals), I might make similar ones, but they will have different shell pieces!