Tie Dye Dickie's Overalls

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Funky Tie Dye Denim Overalls, All Sizes!
Groovy Tie Dye Overalls, Unisex, Dickie's
100% cotton twill overalls, Hand Dyed in Rainbow Galaxy Colors
All sizes!

Roomy Fit
Lots of Pockets
Stretchy Straps
Bright Colors
All Sizes

I am 5'3", a size small - modeling a 32W 30L - it is very loose on me. I would need a 30W 30L.

Color Combo Name: RAINBOW GALAXY yello-oj-pink-purple-green-jade, a bit of black

PLEASE DOUBLE Check all the measurements!

Available sizes
(I do not stock these, since they are pricy, but I'm available to receive my order in 1-3 days!)

Size    Waist Inseam
30W    30"    30L
30W    30"    32L
30W    30"    34L
32W    32"    30L
32W    32"    32L
32W    32"    34L
34W    34"    30L
34W    34"    32L
34W    34"    34L
36W    36"    30L
36W    36"    32L
36W    36"    34L
38W    38"    30L
38W    38"    32L
38W    38"    34L
40W    40"    30L
40W    40"    32L
40W    40"    34L
42W    42"    30L
42W    42"    32L
42W    42"    34L
44W    44"    30L
44W    44"    32L
44W    44"    34L
46W    46"    30L
46W    46"    32L
46W    46"    34L
48W    48"    32L
50W    50"    32L