Tribal PUKA Shell Bracelet

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Earthy Puka Shell & Hemp Bracelet
Boho Hippie BeachJewelry, Surfer Bracelet, Earthy Tribal Shell Bracelet, Atrisian Island Jewelry, Crocheted, Stitched

My fascination with ancient tribal crats & jewelry is never-ending. As a youngster, I remember my countless visits to the local museum of history, pressing my face against the glass displays to see the pieces as close as possible, and trying to figure out how there were made!
I've been designing rustic pieces for over 40 years now, most include hemp & shells.

Since I'm also a crocheter, my spin on the designs is really unique, and I've yet to see anything similar.

I hope you can appreciate the simple beauty in this crocheted hemp bracelet that has a loop and "button" closure. After I did the hemp base of the bracelet, I hand-stitched each Puka Shell securely along the center of the piece. I make the bracelets in different sizes, each has about 13-15 shell pieces sewn on.

This design is about ½" wide.

Please contact me for a custom piece!

Thank you!