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This is a great wardrobe piece for the summer and can easily be layered with a long tee under it!
It is loose and comfy, wear it with shorts, jeans, or a nice pair of sandals, pants, and jewelry.

My cutie friend modeling this is only 5' tall, a size 10. We thought this style would swallow her up, but it looks great on her! This poncho has a lot of fabric, be OK with it.

Color: WILLOW -One side is Black, the other side is black & brown

Square Measurement: 58" X 58", this makes it 58" wide, and 29" long on your body -at the center, it hangs much lower along the sides. The more you fill it out, the less it hangs on the sides, but should work well in Plus sizes! (I'll test it on my customers at my first shows in March!)

Made in a soft rayon jersey knit.
95% rayon, 5% stretch
Machine Wash & Dry