All PURPLES or BUBBLE GUM Heavy Slouchy Skater Sock

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Tie-Dye High Skater Socks
All Purples or Dark Bubble Gum colored Funky Roller Derby Socks, Heavy Slouch Socks, Hand-Dyed Festival, or Workout Socks

Your choice of hand-dyed colors;
-VIOLA 4 shades of purple
These are hand-dyed items, the finished socks do not have an even solid color.

Wear them with sneakers, boots, leggings under - see the distressed Lavender pair of leggings I matched them up with - also available in my shop!

You can wear the straight-up, but it is best to gather them to create this slouchy look.

Size: 9-11 = shoe size (6)7-10 ladies, 4-7.5 for men

Cotton Blend; 85% Cotton, 10% Polyester, 5% Elastic
Pre-Shrunk, Machine Wash & Dry

Each piece is hand-dyed individually! Although I use the same fabric dyes, the result is always unique and one of a kind!

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