Extra Long Tie Dye Rockstar Scarf

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Extra Long Tie Dye Rockstar Scarf
Hand Dyed Artsy Gauze Scarf, Street fashion, Musician Style

This is my version of the Finnish Singer - VILLE VALO's signature scarf. :)

***Ville's scarf is narrower towards the ends, PLEASE let me know if you want me to shape yours like that!

8" wide, 154" long

100% cotton gauze with frailed edges
hand wash

Color: DARK RED-BLACK (the black color mixes with the red, and looks more like brown)

This specific tie-dye combo was a custom request from the Anna - see her wearing it in the last photo!

-Custom color option - send me a convo First!

***These scarves are cut/ripped just slightly wider than mentioned. The size will shrink more or less depending on the individual coloring. The final size may slightly vary from the given measurements.

Each piece is hand-dyed individually! Although we use the same fabric dyes, the result is always unique and one of a kind!