Large Cowrie Shell Pendant on Black Hemp, Adjustable Choker Necklace

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Large COWRIE Shell Pendant Adjustable Choker Necklace crocheted on a black hemp cord
Beach Necklace, Cowrie Shells & Hemp Crocheted Boho Wedding Jewelry
Natural jewelry, No Metal, Tribal, Eclectic
Original Design

A Cutie Big Cowrie Shell pendant Statement Choker with Adjustable length.
First I crocheted the hemp with the smaller shells, leaving a bit of distance in the center. I finished the tie ends with 1-1 small shell, then added the focal shell in the center with a crocheted connection.

The center Tiger shell measures about 2¾"-3", (depending on my shell inventory).

This design is effortless to layer & combine with my other shell-hemp creations.

Wear it short, or a bit longer!

This necklace is 36" long - Please note that this measurement includes the ties.