Large Shells Statement Choker

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Large Shells Choker with Adjustable Length, 13 Shells
Beach Jewelry, Hand Crafted in NYC Shell Necklace, Statement Necklace, Mermaid Beach Choker, Crocheted Hemp & Shells

I get custom requests for different shell jewelry designs - this here has been brewing in my head for weeks! Of course, I had to find and order the right shells, and then figure out the technique to work all 13 shells.
I thought that the finished piece would be heavier (it is under 3oz), but I wanted to make sure the design was very well made and would hold up.

First I crocheted a natural hemp base to back the shells. The about 2" long shell pieces each have a hole; I hand-stitched every one of them to the hemp base 4 times! Twice from both sides, with 2 different hemp cords for durability!

The long ties have 1-1 bone bead at the ends - it's all in the detail! From end to end, this piece measures 38"

This piece here has 13 shells, and YES, it took me a long time to make it! (My very first piece has 17 shell pieces, with the price reflecting that!)